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2007 yılında hizmete giren Midtown Hotel’de, 80 Oda ve 24-110 kişi kapasiteli 4 adet toplantı salonu, Türk ve Dünya mutfaklarından örneklerin sunulduğu, mutfağında ödüllü aşçıların yemek yaptığı 1 restaurantı ve 1 café hizmet veriyor.
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Posted 31 Mayıs 2016 / By MidtownHotelBlog / Genel

No Extinction – Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern, with its first main exhibition in 2016 “NO EXTINCTION: An Exhibition About Nature and Sustainability”, deals with the nature and ecology and brings together the artists who emphasize on the sustainability concept. Under the sponsorship of Eczacibasi Group and Sekerbank, with the contributions of TAV Airports Holding, the exhibition which hosts twenty different artists and art groups from all over the world between 13 January – 5 June 2016, gives place to artworks that emphasize on different aspects of our nature perception and new awareness towards the ecosystem.


Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox – Istanbul Volkswagen Arena

Despite its vintage look, a brand new type of entertainment; Postmodern Jukebox is at Istanbul Volkswagen Arena at the evening of 3 June 2016 with the organization of NN Culture Art!

Postmodern Jukebox which intends to upgrade the pop music by harmonizing the new with the old; is Postmodern since it harmonizes the new with the old and demolishes the walls between two generations just as it is Jukebox because it focuses on popular songs known by many people.

Whirling Dervishes’ Dowry Exhibition and Whirling Performance – Hocapasa

Hodjapasha is located in historical Hocapasa Bath in Sirkeci which is used as bazaar today and serves the Turkish culture and tourism through its continuous exhibitions and performances organized for foreigners visiting Istanbul. This unique exhibition experience in which one of the Turkish culture’s most important elements Whirling and Whirling Dervishes are presented, meets you at the historical and mystique atmosphere of Hodjapasha.


Colored Tent Festival – Kilyos

Kilyos Tirmata Beach which is one of Istanbul’s most beautiful beaches, hosts Colored Tent Festival on June 4.

There is a colorful festival breeze in Istanbul! The world famous Holy Party unites with Tent camp and entertainment is right at the beach. A magnificent weekend awaits you with Holy Party where music is played non-stop 24 hours and many DJs perform. Kilyos Tirmata Beach which is one of Istanbul’s most beautiful beaches hosts the festival.