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2007 yılında hizmete giren Midtown Hotel’de, 80 Oda ve 24-110 kişi kapasiteli 4 adet toplantı salonu, Türk ve Dünya mutfaklarından örneklerin sunulduğu, mutfağında ödüllü aşçıların yemek yaptığı 1 restaurantı ve 1 café hizmet veriyor.
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Posted 22 Şubat 2016 / By MidtownHotelBlog / Genel

Eating Grilled Fish Sandwich in Eminönü

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Istanbul is Eminönü-Karaköy and the places selling grilled fish sandwiches on the bank of Golden Horn there. Men wearing richly decorated authentic garments, including a fez, offer grilled fishes. It is hard to find a vacant place to sit around those low wooden tables scattered on the shore. A grilled fish sandwich eaten in Karaköy or Eminönü gives a totally unique taste. Would you like to eat delicious and cheap grilled fish sandwich in great pleasure against the Golden Horn landscape? Then, you can stop by the fishers preparing grilled fish sandwiches on portable benches on Karaköy shore.


Taking a Stroll on Istiklal Avenue

It’s out of question to be in Istanbul but not blending into the crowd on Istiklal Avenue on a holiday.

Istiklal Avenue is completely a different world with its theaters, movie theaters, bookstores, art galleries, famous confectioners, restaurants, bars, wine houses, taverns, and any stores to shop. You can just tag along with the crowd or take a planned stroll…You can go from Taksim to Galata, and take a voyage in history.



Eating against Bosphorus

Istanbul has beauties and cuisine envied by the entire world. Thanks to its matchless architectural structure surrounded on three sides by the sea, you can eat delicious meals and enjoy peaceful moments with your beloved ones against such landscapes in Istanbul. Bosphorus gives one of the most beautiful scenes of Istanbul. In the restaurants on Bosphorus, you can eat delicious meals against the deep blue sea and the bridge, and enjoy a memorably beautiful evening.


A Shopping Tour in the Grand Bazaar

Located among the localities of Beyazıt, Nuruosmaniye and Mercan at the center of Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar is the largest bazaar and one of the oldest covered markets in the world. The Grand Bazaar includes almost 4,000 shops. It is said that the Bazaar accommodates almost half a million people in peak times of the day. Welcoming 91 million tourists a year, the Grand Bazaar is the most visited tourist attraction in the world.

The Grand Bazaar is lively and crowded any time of the day. The shopkeepers invite the visitors to their own shops insistently. Located at the entrance of the Bazaar, developing and comfortable large stores sell almost any articles made in and exported from Turkey. The handmade carpets and jewelry are the most beautiful examples of Turkish art.


A Peaceful Night in the Heart of the City

With 53 Deluxe rooms, 14 Greenworks (Business) rooms, 7 Corner Suites, and 6 Deluxe rooms overlooking Bosphorus, Midtown Hotel offers its guests the comfort of their homes. The Deluxe rooms with a size ranging from 24 to 28 m2 create the comfortable, silent and peaceful environment that will relax you with all of their details from color tones to furniture. Besides, the Greenworks rooms, each of which is 28 m2 large, have been designed considering the professionals who would like to follow up their businesses during their travels and the environmentally-conscious guests.

The Corner Suite rooms, on the other hand, offer the guests a wide and spacious ambiance with special-design armchairs and large windows enabling to make the most of daylight. The Deluxe Rooms overlooking Bosphorus bring you the spectacular landscape of Bosphorus. Special tastes created by award-winner cooks meet you in More Restaurant.